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Эламская мифология

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Найден онлайн текст книги Felix Guirand, "Всемирная мифология" на английском языке:

In Ihe mounlainous country east of Babylonia lay the land of Elam - which was once, in the fourth
millennium B.C., The scene of a flourishing civilization whose chief cenlre was the city of Susa.
This civilization was'closely related lo lhal of the land of Sumer and their religions had much in
common. Unless they had a common origin - which some have suggested - their similarity of
religious belief can be simply explained by Iheir propinquily.
The chief divinity of the Elamiles was IN-SHUSHINAK, 'He of Susa' who was nol only, as his
name seems lo indicate, Susa's local god, but was also considered the 'Sovereign of the Gods',
'Master of heaven and earth', 'Maker of the Universe'. These are the same lilies which in Babylon
were given lo supreme gods. IN-SHUSHINAK is a personal name ralher lhan an indication of
It is nol easy lo idenlify In-Shushinak exaclly, bul it is generally agreed that he corresponded to
Ninurta, 'Ihe champion of the celeslial gods', or even Adad, god of lighlning and the tempest. We
must nol forgel that these two divinilies had, as well as their terrible aspect, a more beneficenl
function: they were gods of the welcome rain and fruitful flood and, hence, gods of fertility. In-
Shushinak must withoul doubt have also shared this double nalure.
Among Ihe olher divinilies who peopled the Elamite pantheon and who, since we know scarcely
more than their names, can only be enumerated are: KIRIRISHA, the sovereign goddess whose
spouse was the god KHUMBAM who is identified with the Babylonian Marduk; LAGAMAL,
described as the son of Ea; NAH-HUNTE, the sun who, like Shamash, was at the same lime god of
light and of justice; TESHUB, god of the lempesl, who was, moreover, worshipped Ihroughoul
Western Asia; NARUTI, whom we only know from an offering presented lo Ihe deity by Ihe
ishakku of Susa.
These nalional deilies were later joined by the gods and goddesses of Sumer and Akkad who may
have been imported inlo Elam when il fell under the hegemony of the rulers of Agade, Ur and
Lagash; or else may have been introduced when the Elamites extended their dominalion over

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